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Common Core

Common Core State Standards

 Common Core State Standards (

NC State Essential Standards (

The Common Core standards aim to do to the following:

  • Ensure that all students, no matter where they live, are prepared for success in postsecondary education and the workforce
  • Ensure that students are receiving a high quality education consistently from school to school and state to state.
  • Capitalize on assessment items and curriculum material developed to match the Common Core standards, greatly improving the scope and quality of assessment and curriculum materials.
  • Provide the ability to compare the performance of NRMPS students to students in other states and the nation.

Parent Road Maps

Road maps help parents understand how to support their child in math and language arts. Each road map lets parents know what their child will learn, how to partner with the teacher, provides examples of skills and strategies students will use and how to ensure learning continues outside of school.

(The Council of the Great City Schools)

English/Language Arts
Kindergarten (pdf)Kindergarten Spanish  Kindergarten (pdf)Kindergarten Spanish (pdf)  
Grade 1 (pdf)Grade 1 Spanish (pdf) Grade 1 (pdf) Grade 1 Spanish (pdf) 
Grade 2 (pdf)Grade 2 Spanish (pdf) Grade 2 (pdf) Grade 2 Spanish (pdf) 
Grade 3 (pdf)Grade 3 Spanish (pdf)  Grade 3 (pdf) Grade 3 Spanish (pdf) 
Grade 4 (pdf)Grade 4 Spanish (pdf)  Grade 4 (pdf) Grade 4 Spanish (pdf) 
Grade 5 (pdf)Grade 5 Spanish (pdf)  Grade 5 (pdf) Grade 5 Spanish (pdf) 
Grade 6 (pdf)Grade 6 Spanish  Grade 6 (pdf) Grade 6 Spanish
Grade 7 (pdf)Grade 7 Spanish Grade 7 (pdf) Grade 7 Spanish
Grade 8 (pdf)Grade 8 Spanish  Grade 8 (pdf) Grade 8 Spanish

Additional Common Core information and Frequently Asked Questions

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