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February 19, 2013
NRMPS celebrates with Drum and Boddie-Haggins on retirement

Family members, school administrators, staff and community leaders gathered Monday to celebrate the careers of two women who will soon retire and have given a combined nearly 60 years of service to the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools system.

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Sandra Drum and Robin Boddie-Haggins shared fond memories of their time working in the school system during a special retirement reception held for them at Rocky Mount High School February 18. Both expressed their desire to remain active in the community, while looking forward to next chapter of what life will bring.

Robin Boddie-Haggins, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, discussed what she referred to as the changing seasons in her life, and how they impacted her decision to retire.

"Each of us measure the seasons in our lives and the roots of our tree," said Boddie Haggins. "By reflecting on my seasons and listening to what they are telling me, evaluating what is ultimately important and looking at the ‘weather' of my life, I have recognized what my season is at this time in my life and how I need to maximize my own personal growth during this time for me and my loved ones. I am looking forward to forging new challenges, venturing into new territory and devoting quality time to my family, friends and church. Most of all, I plan to take the time to smell the roses along the way."

Sandra Drum, Public Relations Officer, discussed her career as a progressive journey that allowed her to see K-12 public education from various angles, and serve in a variety of roles to support local schools.

"As I reflect back over the years, my path in the education arena seems like such a natural progression," said Drum. "From teaching in junior high and high school, I transitioned to the Twin County Education Foundation and when the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce formed the Education Division, I was able to assist in the partnership development linking educators to leaders in business and industry. Coming back home to Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools completed the circle for me by providing me with the opportunity to promote our outstanding school district and play a role in supporting the cutting edge changes that I truly believe will make our education system second to none."

Both Drum and Boddie-Haggins have made a lasting impact on the Nash-Rocky Mount community both in and outside of the classroom.

Sandra Drum has worked in and around education in North Carolina since 1982. After teaching at the junior high level in Indiana, Drum began substitute teaching, and eventually accepted a full-time biology teaching position at Northern Nash High.

In 1990, she was named the Executive Director of the Twin Counties Education Foundation, where she served for several years, providing grants and other partnership opportunities for local educators.

In 1993, the Rocky Mount area Chamber of Commerce formed the first fully staffed and funded Education Division in North Carolina and named Drum the Vice President of Education.

Drum returned to Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools in 2002 as the Executive Director of Community Relations and remained there until her retirement in 2013 as the Public Relations Officer. She has served on numerous boards and commissions and given many presentations, as well as receiving countless national, state and regional awards.

She is married to Joe Drum, and has two sons, Jon and wife Melissa, grandchildren, Bruce and Holly of Grimesland, NC; Brad and wife Anna, grandchildren Henry, Erik and Jon Everett of Charlotte, NC.

Robin Boddie-Haggins, a graduate of Northern Nash High School, began her career in education in 1978 as a Special Education teacher with Goldsboro City Schools in Goldsboro, NC.

Boddie-Haggins continued her teaching career when she left Goldsboro City Schools in 1984 to join Rocky Mount City Schools. She remained there until receiving her Master of Arts in Education, and transitioning to become a K-5 Curriculum Specialist with Nash-Rocky Mount Schools.

During the next several years, Boddie-Haggins continued her professional growth by serving as a Title I Program Specialist, Director of Title I & Migrant Education Programs, Executive Director of Federal Programs and later Assistant Superintendent of Federal Programs & Student Services.

Boddie-Haggins reached what she calls the ‘pinnacle' of her educational career when she became the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources for Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools. Throughout her career, Boddie-Haggins received numerous awards and recognition for her commitment to the students, parents, teachers, and other educators under her leadership.

She is married to Sidney Haggins and has two children, one daughter Latasha B. Moser, husband Crawford, and grandchildren Lauren and Sarah of Knightdale, NC; and one son, LaTerence Parker, wife Tysheda and grandchild TyAsia of Southport, NC.