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March 6, 2013
NRMPS prepares for implementation of new student information system

Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools and all school districts across the state are gearing up for the unveiling of a new student information system (SIS) this summer, designed to improve every aspect of student data collection and reporting.

The state is replacing the current NCWISE system with the PowerSchool® solution from Pearson. This centralized, user-friendly SIS will provide North Carolina school districts with more comprehensive and real-time information to better track and analyze information pertaining to students.

 It also includes several new features that will impact the performance and engagement of all key stakeholders. Student and Parent portals are highlighted components of the new system, and will be accessible to all students and parents with internet access.

Lisa Ballance, Director of Student Information, presented information about PowerSchool® to school board members March 4. Ballance explained that the system will allow Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools to impact academic performance by enhancing how the district tracks students.

"Once implemented, PowerSchool® will automate student records and provide critical support for teachers and other school officials to better track and immediately respond to what students are learning in the classroom," said Ballance. "We will improve upon our ability to report performance data and collaborate to identify areas of strength or weakness for each student, monitor his/her progress, and evaluate the effectiveness of instructional programs."

With PowerSchool's web-based system, student schedules, grades, disciplinary records, school course offerings, and attendance data are only a few of the important records which will be readily available for teachers and schools and central office administrators. Registration, family demographics, transcripts, immunizations and other health information, special academic programs, and test results are all critical data that also will be managed automatically with the new system.

The successful implementation of the new technology solution will provide administrators and teachers with accurate and immediate data that will enable them to make important decisions about their students' instruction.

PowerSchool® will allow the school district's various software systems to connect through a central server and share real-time information, eventually eliminating the need to enter duplicate data in multiple applications.

Training for PowerSchool® has already started for NRMPS data managers, and will continue through the end of the school year, and beyond.

Teachers and administrators will receive information during the summer ‘Destination Innovation' staff development sessions. PowerSchool® is expected to be fully implemented before end-of-summer, 2013.

More information will be shared with the community on the NRMPS website and through other tools as it becomes available.

Click to view recent presentation revealing PowerSchool Implementation

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