• RMHS Beanie, Blue and Yellow

    Rocky Mount Beanie hats are on sale for $20.  If you are interested, please see Coach Barnes (Rm 2209).

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  • Gryphon Pride Strikes Again!!
    The Change Club collected 633 items of clothing, which will make some people very happy and warm throughout this winter! Congratulations to Mrs Girouard's Connections Class for bringing in the most clothes! Your donations are greatly appreciated!
    Kudos to the Change Club for their effort to make a change for people in the Rocky Mount Community. 
    Gryphon Generosity at its best! 
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    At the December 3rd BOE meeting, Rocky Mount High School received two 2018 United Way Campaign Recognition Awards
    1. Highest Total Contribution for a High School
    2. 100% Participation
    We not only donated the highest amount for a High School but the Highest Amount in the District!!!
    We showed our Gryphon Pride in generosity.
    WELL DONE!!!
    highest 100
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  • Show your support for our sports teams. Make a purchase from the Rocky Mount Gryphons Official Online Store.

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  • Mr Harrel's American History Classes experienced what it was like to be on the Oregon Trail. The travellers, men women and children, found their oxen died when they drank from an alkaline pool. This left the travellers to push and pull their covered wagon at a rate of 1 mile an hour. The Oregon Trail folks made camp to cook bacon and bake bread from ground corn on an open fire. They set up tents and a lean-to. One of the travellers was a runaway slave who brought the child she had had with her master. She ran away because she feared her master's wife would have her and the baby killed.  Another traveller was a Union Soldier.

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  • RMHS Doubles team #1!!!

    Congratulations to the following Tennis Team members for their participation in the Big East Conference Tournament. 

    Conference tournament champions: 
    Caroline E. Broderick / 
    Katherine G. Moss

    RMHS Doubles team #2 
    Conference tournament Consolation winners: 
    Carson E. Browder / 
    Mary Katherine Broderick

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