Due to low participation, the June 17th Driver Education Class at Citi HS has been postponed until July 8-11, 15, 2019.  A detailed email reminder will be sent as soon as the class fills. Be sure to register and pay the $45 fee here and email a copy of your receipt to Ms. Rascoe.



    Students were studying  how the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere individually and collectively affect the biosphere.  By creating an edible biome they were able to understand how abiotic and biotic factors interact to create the various biomes in North Carolina,  why biodiversity is important, and how human activities impact the biosphere.  

        Bio     bio   bio   bio


    Students in Ms.Wilcox’s 2nd period utilizing the media center to work on an Energy Webquest. They are collaboratively researching information on Nonrenewable and Renewable Energy Sources and their global impacts on the biosphere.  


    media          media   media   media


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     Weimar Republic Project Paragraph

      Students in Mr. Wooldridge’s World History class created a building inspired by Weimar Republic architecture to show how designing and homes became intertwined. The Weimar Republic was a post-war government between World War I and the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. The point of the project was for students to create a building with many windows and geometrical shapes. This architectural design is still used to this day in modern homes, businesses, restaurants, stores, and more.


     Weimar Republic Project




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