• We believe that potential is everywhere but opportunity is not. Thus we have partnered to provide hotspot devices to students in Nash-Rocky Mount Public high schools who indicated that they either have no internet or very slow internet access in their homes.
    Devices are distributed where Sprint data coverage is adequate.

    1 Million Project Foundation Flyer

    Eligibility Survey
    To learn more about this project at the following NRMPS high schools contact:
    ECHS, TRA, and CITI HS - Joshua Griffin at jbgriffin@nrms.k12.nc.us
    NCHS - Sherill Bateman at skbateman@nrms.k12.nc.us
    NNHS & RMHS - Ivey Powell at irpowell@nrms.k12.nc.us

    SNHS - Sprint coverage not currently adequate for device distribution