Positive Behavior Intervention and Support, PBIS, is a combination of effective practices that teaches and encourages respectful, responsible behaviors, uses data continuously to support decision-making, and creates an individualized total school climate that supports staff and student behavior and encourages family engagement. At Red Oak Middle School, we strive to help all of our students...






    PBIS Activities:

    The criteria for PBIS activities are 

    • No administrative discipline referrals
    • Report card grades average to 70 or higher
    • No report card grade below 60
    • No more than 1 Reflections referral 


    Students who qualify for PBIS celebrations will be allowed to dress out of uniform on the day of the activity. The dates of the PBIS celebrations are: (subject to change due to changes in the school schedule)

    1st 9 Weeks Celebration – Friday, November 1st

    2nd 9 Weeks Celebration – Friday January 10th 

    3rd 9 Weeks Celebration – Friday March 27th

    4th 9 Weeks Celebration – Friday, May 3rd


     End of year celebration requirements are as follows:

                Students must have qualified for 2 of the first 3 PBIS Celebrations. Students must maintain a 70 or above average in all classes and a 60 or above in each individual class. Can have no administrative office referrals and no more than 1 Reflections referral between the end of 3rd grading period and May 3rd.