The NRMPS Apprenticeship Program has won the state award for Outstanding High School Apprenticeship Program every year the program has been eligible.

    Our Mission:
    The mission of the Apprenticeship Program is to provide a forum for business, industry, and education to work together in partnership to prepare students to be work-ready in a changing and competitive environment.

    What is the CTE Apprenticeship Program?
    Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools Apprenticeship Program allows selected students to participate as apprentices in the workplaces of local businesses and industries. Students are paid on a progressive wage scale as they learn occupational competencies identified by the North Carolina Department of Labor. Classroom instruction, based on an industry-driven curriculum, links school-based learning to work-based training. Students receive an excellent education, businesses get well-trained employees, schools serve motivated students, and communities realize multiple benefits from every dollar invested 

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    Phone Number
    Matt Brown Work-Based Learning Coordinator 252.451.8510 

    Application Process
    Formal application to the program can be made as early as the junior year in high school. Students may also enter the program as seniors. All students will be enrolled in classroom instruction as well as on-the-job-training.

    Selection Process
    In order to be considered for the Apprenticeship Program, the student must:

    • Be at least 16 years old
    • Apply for the program
    • Obtain parental approval
    • Provide his/her own transportation
    • Obtain good teacher recommendations
    • Earn at least a "C" scholastic average
    • Demonstrate a good attendance record at school
    • Pass a qualifying interview
    • Pass an industry panel interview

    Students who apply for the program after registration will be placed on a waiting list. If openings become available, those students will be considered for the program and guided through the complete screening process.  

    Student Expectations
    Once selected, the apprenticeship students will be expected to:

    • Agree to a one-time sign-up process with an employer, NC-DOL, and NRMPS.
    • Complete the classroom training program
    • Complete a minimum of 400 hours of on-the-job training per year
    • Maintain an overall "2.0" average in all coursework
    • Maintain an interest in their career goals

    Student Benefits
    Upon satisfactory completion of the Apprenticeship Program, students may be eligible for:

    • Completer status in the chosen career field
    • Journeyman status from the North Carolina Department of Labor (NC-DOL)
    • Units of credit toward graduation for both classroom instruction and on-the-job training
    • Enrollment in an adult apprenticeship program
    • Scholarships and/or financial aid for post-secondary educational opportunities
    • Business/industry contacts through the Apprenticeship Steering Committee 

    Apprenticeship Program Partnerships
    Becoming a partner is a win-win for both a student and your organization

    • Businesses get a screened, competent, part-time worker.
    • This is an opportunity to build the workforce and additional industry in our area.
    • Businesses employ and train a student in their area of expertise.
    • Mentoring opportunities...show students what is expected in the real world.
    • All students who go through this program are successful. They don't drop out of school.
    • A year-long commitment is required for both student and employer.
    • Student does not receive credit until successfully completing partnership.
    • Student receives one credit per semester or two credits per year.
    • Partnering helps build student character.

    Sign Up to Become a Partner 

    Apprenticeable Trades
    There are currently 823 occupations that are recognized as apprenticeable trades by the North Carolina Department of Labor (NC-DOL). Listed below are some of the most popular apprenticeable trades in the Nash-Rocky Mount area:

    • Accountant
    • Auto Technician
    • Carpenter
    • Computer Equipment Repair
    • Criminal Justice Personnel
    • Dental Assistant
    • Diesel Mechanic
    • Draftsman
    • Electrician
    • Electrical Maintenance
    • Electric Motor Rewinder
    • Engineer
    • Farmer
    • Food Service Manager
    • Machine Operator
    • Maintenance Mechanic
    • Materials Handler--Machine Setup
    • Medical Lab Technician
    • Medical Secretary
    • Nursing Assistant
    • Organ and Piano Console Assembler-Fitter
    • Parts Clerk
    • Printer
    • Pharmacy Assistant
    • Sheet Metal Fabricator
    • Welder