• Prevention Programs and Services

    Crisis Prevention

    We now live in times where the unspeakable has become the norm across our world. Children are being targeted for violence within our classroom walls. Crisis prevention has therefore, become a national priority. A crisis has been defined as the transition between the known and the unknown...the expected and the unexpected...a moment of chaos, in which uncertainty and fear that can result in calamity, injury or worse. Roberts (2005b) states that a crisis has five components: a stressful or traumatic event, a vulnerable or unbalanced state, a precipitating factor, an active crisis state based on the person's perception, and the resolution of the crisis. NRMPS hopes this site provokes questions and comfort concerning NRMP's crisis response.

    NRMPS Crisis Management Guide
    NC DHHS Crisis Resources

    Dropout Prevention

    Across our nation, superintendents have made this their primary initiative because of the connection to district-wide achievement. Some have described our current dropout problem as perhaps our nation's most revealing moral, social, and economic crisis. Any glance at our nation's dropout statistics will expose deep-rooted economic consequences for the nation. Increasingly, it is being recognized that the issues of dropping out and dropout prevention cannot be separated from issues affecting our total economic and social structure. Many programs, such as Communities In Schools of Georgia, have filled the gap to provide student support, train staff, and improve school climate. 
    NC Dropout Prevention and Intervention

    Safe and Drug Free Schools 

    Every child should have a "Secret Garden" or safe place. This place of safety is our schools. Freedom from secondhand smoke, freedom from drugs, freedom from addictions, and freedom from bullying are some of the ingredients of the safe havens that are our schools. NRMPS has designed programs and activities to promote the health and well being of students in elementary and secondary schools. Drug and violence prevention activities are planned throughout the year.

    NC DPI - School Safety