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    What is a Maintenance Work Order?

    Brenda Battle, manages all work orders for anything that requires repairs to existing facilities or equipment. Nash-Rocky Mount Schools uses a web based software called Schooldude-Maintenance Direct. Each school has an onsite designee known as a Requester that will enter work orders and track them through Maintenance Direct.  Using Maintenance Direct gives a Requestor the ability to do the following:

    • Select from a list of predefined Crafts that track and report on the general types of work that the maintenance department is doing. (Examples: carpentry, electrical, plumbing, pest control, HVAC, etc).  All telephone malfunctions should be sent to Technology Department. 
    • Manage the work order process from request to completion for building maintenance and grounds related work.  
    • Check the status of submitted requests and automatically sends an email when requests are completed. 

    Entering A Work Order In Schooldude - Do's & Don't

    When entering a work order in Schooldude it is very important to have only one craft per work order and have a detailed description of work order (Example: clogged sink in room number 500).

     Do Not Submit Work Orders for the following:

    • Grass mowing and roundup spraying work orders do not need to be submitted.  These are initiated at the beginning of the season by Maintenance.  
    • Landscaping and pruning will take place after the mowing season.  
    • If your request is an emergency (Example: broken window security alarms, fire alarms, securing building at the end of day), please contact us at the School Maintenance office immediately and follow-up with a work order.  

    To learn more, click to view the Requester Tutorial Video or if you have any questions about a previous submitted work orderplease give Brenda Battle a call at 451-8505 or 14509.