• Our Direction


    Middlesex Elementary School            Report 12-5-18


    Nash-Rocky Mount Public School System is focused on preparing ALL students bright & prosperous futures by deliberately and intentionally providing Rigorous and Relevant instruction in every classroom, every day.


    • Commitment to a clear and focused practices to improve student learning

    • Effective teaching and leadership are essential for student achievement 

    • Safe and organized school environment

    • Parental support

    • Community support 

    • Every student is capable of making a years’ worth of growth


    Every student will apply real life learning for real life living to classroom instruction.


    • For the 2018-19 school year, all teachers will consistently use high yield strategies according to Marzano and Hattie as well as the Learning Focused Instructional Framework (which directly correlates with the Nash Rocky Mount Framework) in direct instruction that will be monitored by lesson planning, observations and feedback.

    Performance Measure(s):
    Performance Indicator:  100% of certified staff complete face to face (1 day) as well as 8 online modules in order to improve teaching and learning. 2017-18 completed The High Performance Learning Focused Lesson Course and 8 modules 2018-19 will complete Increasing the Rigor of Learning Focused Lesson Courses

    Data Source:  Learning Focused                 Baseline Year: 2017          Baseline: 1
    Target Date:                                                Target:                                  Date:


    • For the 2018-19 school year, increase Reading and Math proficiency across grade levels to at least 40% proficient by increasing mastery of core instruction and ensuring growth.


    Performance Measure(s):
    Performance Indicator:  Long term goal: 80% of students on grade level through Core instruction EOG Reading as data source (2017 3rd 43%, 4th 37%, 5th 42%) (2018 3rd 38%, 4th 35%, 5th 28%) EOG Math as data source (2017 3rd 37%, 4th 28%, 5th 40%) (2018 3rd 48%, 4th 38%, 5th 39%) Baseline: MES is 40% or below BOY using last year’s EOG scores Goals for core instruction based on benchmarks and common assessments: Oct = 50% Jan = 55% March = 65%

    Dateline Source:  EOG                                    Baseline Year: 2017                          Baseline: 0.4
    Target Date:  2019                                         Target: 0.65                                        Actual:


    • For the 2018-91 school year, Middlesex Elementary School will decrease loss of instructional time due to attendance issues from 11% to 5% (both staff and student) and behavior referrals from 10% to 5%.

    Performance Measure(s):
    Performance Indicator:  Baseline data from 2017-18: Attendance at risk=11% Behavior at risk=10% Decrease Attendance at risk to 5% and behavior at risk to 5%.

    Data Source:  Powerschool                          Baseline Year: 2017                          Baseline: 0.11
    Target Date:  2018                                       Target: 0.05                                       Actual: