• 1. Shirts for all students should be collared polo-style shirts with long or short sleeves in the appropriate school color options listed below:

    • White
    • navy blue
    • light blue

    2. Shirttails must be worn in at all times except during physical education classes.

    3. Students may wear turtleneck or round-necked shirts of school colors under the polo-style shirt.

    4. All types of uniform pants and skirts must have no more than four pockets and be belted or well fitted at the waist. Styles and color options are listed below:

    • Navy blue or tan dress pants
    • Navy blue or tan dress capris
    • Navy blue or tan knee-length shorts, skirts, or skorts

    5. Sweatshirts or sweaters of appropriate size and preferably school color may be worn on top of the collared polo-style shirt during periods of cooler weather.

    6. Cargo pants, low-riders, or any type of denim does not meet the expectations of the dress code.

    7. Shoes and coats are not a part of the dress code. Students are encouraged to wear appropriate coats and shoes of choice to school.


    Full compliance is expected of students.


    Exemptions: A parent or court appointed guardian may request that the student be exempted from these dress requirements by submitting to the principal within ten school days of the students first day of attendance at school a written statement of the sincerely held religious belief for the exemption. Failure to make the request within the ten-day period shall constitute absolute waiver of the right to exemption for that academic year. This statement may include, but not be limited to, the tenets and policy of the religion, a contact person (priest, etc.), and other documents to support the request.