Department Overview

  • The goal of the Curriculum and Instruction Department is to ensure quality resources and support for school leaders, all teachers, and instructional personnel.  Our primary goal is to ensure that high quality instruction occurs in every classroom, every day.  We assist through the following actions:

    • Guidance for school leaders and instructional staff in order to ensure that the vital components of teaching and learning occur for every student.  (NRMPS Instructional Framework)
    • Provision of an abundance of curriculum resources that have been vetted by the district’s instructional coaches.
    • Quality professional learning experiences for all professionals.
    • In-school support services via instructional coaches, internal visits, and PLCs.

    Our focus for the 2019-2020 school year is the continued Implementation of the NRMPS Instructional Framework, with an emphasis on the Gradual Release of Responsibility.


    NRMPS Instructional Framework


    The NRMPS Instructional Framework signals a clear focus on the evidence-based practices of effective teaching.  Grounded in research, the framework components can be used to guide lesson design and delivery and foster educator reflection and continuous improvement of professional practice.

    Our school leaders and teachers are continuously supported by our district instructional team.  

    Academic progress will be monitored through the utilization of school-based data, throughout the school year.  

C/I Staff

  • Melissa Dancy-Smith
    Melissa Dancy-Smith
    Executive Director of Elementary Education
    (252) 462-2812

     Chad Thompson
    Chad Thompson
    Executive Director of Secondary Education and CTE
    (252) 459-5220 

    Anne Bass
    Anne Bass
    Administrative Assistant
    (252) 462-2513