Welcome to the students and parents of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools! The professionals of NRMPS have dedicated our time to preparing for an outstanding academic year. Our Board of Education initiated the process through an intensive board retreat. Our board members re-examined the vision, mission and core beliefs for our system. This was a critical step because beliefs shape visions, and visions in turn drive missions. Every NRMPS Assistant Principal, Principal and Central Office administrator engaged in a district wide leadership retreat. Our focus is dedicated to maximizing on student potential.
    Nash Rocky Mount Public Schools will make the dynamic leap to becoming #FutureFocused beginning with the 2016-2017 school year. #FutureFocused represents the commitment of every NRMPS stakeholder to ensuring that each school faculty endeavors to provide all children with engaging experiences every single day. The Board of Education has tasked me with delivering on the following commitments:
    Human Capital- NRMPS will restructure and realign our central office to ensure the retention and recruitment of high-quality educators at every level within the organization.
    Literacy - NRMPS will reinvest and reallocate  resources to strengthen both the rigor and quality implementation of literacy instruction.
    Student Support - NRMPS will expand partnerships to ensure that every student has the necessary school-level support to pursue academic excellence.
    I am tremendously excited about the work that our system has dedicated to continuous improvement. It is my fervent belief that with the support of our parents, elected officials, business partners and faith-based partners, NRMPS can act as a powerful lever to enhance the lives of all students. As a result, the outlook for our community as a whole is exponentially brighter. #FutureFocused


    Your humble servant,
    Dr. Shelton L. Jefferies






  • Dr Shelton Jefferies
    Dr. Shelton Jefferies


    Carrie Lucas
    Carrie Lucas
    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent