• Our Vision:
    Nash-Rocky Mount Public School System is focused on preparing ALL students bright & prosperous futures by deliberately and intentionally providing Rigorous and Relevant instruction in every classroom, every day.


    Our Mission:
    The Nash-Rocky Mount Public School System, working in partnership with our families and our communities, will:

    • Be a high performing, technology-rich school district with leading-edge learning experiences that promote engagement, creativity, critical thinking and achievement.
    • Prepare our graduates to excel in higher education or the career of their choice
    • Be the leader in the education marketplace by providing world-class facilities while being fiscally responsible
    • Provide a safe and secure environment
    • Ensure all teachers are highly effective.


    We Believe:

    • Commitment to a clear and focused vision will guide the district to the highest performance
    • Effective teaching and leadership are essential for student achievement 
    • School environment impacts achievement
    • An engaged community is essential
    • Every student can/must succeed 


    Strategic Priorities: 

    • DISTRICT PRIORITY 1.0: The NRMPS District will be a high-performing, technology-rich school district with leading-edge learning experiences that promote engagement.
    • DISTRICT PRIORITY 2.0: The NRMPS District will maintain safe and orderly environments throughout the district.
    • DISTRICT PRIORITY 3.0: The NRMPS District will recruit, hire, and retain high quality 21st century professionals in order to provide a rigorous and relevant instructional process for ALL students.
    • DISTRICT PRIORITY 4.0: The NRMPS District will use cutting edge technology to enhance instruction and promote innovation.
    • DISTRICT PRIORITY 5.0: The NRMPS District will develop a transparent organizational culture and efficient use of resources exhibiting excellence in financial and facility planning, management, and stewardship.
    • DISTRICT PRIORITY 6.0: The NRMPS District will engage families and the community to ensure open communication and opportunities to evaluate organizational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.


    District Fast Facts