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    Partnering with Families and Community...
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    We are focused on continuous improvement for every child, in every classroom, every day.

    History of Benvenue School


    Benvenue School was originally called Bunn School. It was established in the early 1900′s. The school was a one-room private school located on property owned by Ralph Lane. The original site of Benvenue School was located in the eastern border of Nash County at the intersection of Highway 43 West and Highway 48 North. In the mid 1980′s a new facility was constructed on Nicodemus Mile Road. This facility serves kindergarten through fifth grade. The old facility continued to serve grades six through eight until the mid 1990′s.

    Benvenue School

    Bunn School became a union school in 1925. The first building was constructed in the Benvenue community.  At the time, there were 249 students and seven teachers. The typical school year was approximately six months. Teachers were paid ninety dollars a month. 

    Although the school continued to carry the name Bunn School, its name was changed in 1926 to Benvenue School, in recognition of the surrounding community.  Benvenue School began to grow as feeder districts were established.  By 1926, there were 303 students in first through eleventh grade.

    Additional buildings were constructed starting in 1940 and ended 1967.  During this time the school added a kindergarten building, an auditorium, a cafeteria, an elementary building and a gymnasium.

    The high school students were moved from Benvenue School to Northern Nash in 1966. The Benvenue School campus was then used as an elementary school for first through sixth grade.  Due to the large enrollment, in 1981, the sixth grade students were moved to Benvenue Middle School, which was adjacent to the elementary school.  This left the elementary school with approximately eight hundred students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The school’s population continued to grow through the 1970′s.  Mobile units were added to the campus to accommodate the rapid growth.  By 1982 the campus had fifteen trailers.  To ease some of the over-population M.B. Hubbard School was renovated and reopened in 1983.  School district lines were redrawn which allowed 350 students to move to M.B. Hubbard, leaving Benvenue with approximately 650 students. Due to the age of Benvenue School, plans to build a new school were under way.  In 1987, our present location, Benvenue Elementary School opened their doors to a new generation of Bobcats.