Dress Code Rules

  1. Shirts
  • Golf / Polo style with collar
  • Solid Colors: white, gold, black
  • Long sleeve or short sleeve (No tank tops or spaghetti straps)
  • Shirts tails must be tucked in at all times.
  1. Other Approved Tops
  • Oxford button down or dress shirt with collar (School colors)
  • Turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks (worn under uniformed shirts)
  • Crew neck sweaters, button up sweaters or sweatshirts (School colors -- No hoods if meant to be worn all day)
  • Shirts worn under sweaters, etc must have collar and follow uniform guideline
  1. Pants (Long or Capris), Shorts, Skirts, Dresses, Jumpers, Skorts
  • Uniform pants, capris, shorts, skirts and jumpers must have no more than 4 pockets and be belted or well fitted at the waist.
  • Pants must be worn above the hips at all times.
  • Shorts, skirts, jumpers (with shirt), dresses and skorts -- fingertip length. All items must be cotton or polyester
  • (NO Leggings or jeggings , no knit pants, no cargo pants)
  1. Shoes


  • NO flip flops or sandals of any type
  • Boots or tennis shoes that are rubber soled, have flat heel and fully enclose the foot.
  • Socks are required with shoes.
  • No light up shoes or shoes with wheels.
  • Appropriate low heel dress shoes may be worn for special occasions.